How To Play the Better Assessments Game


If you haven’t read this, this, and this, then stop. Go. Read.

Bored and uninspired? Go play Olo. (Seriously. It’s awesome.)

Fired up and ready to play? Read on!

What To Expect

Every so often (hopefully about once a week), I’ll post an assessment. Usually it won’t be my own (though sometimes it will). The assessment will come with some commentary, so the author can set the context, explain the rationale behind some of the choices made, and ask for specific feedback from anyone playing along at home.

If all goes according to plan, a conversation will ensue in the comments, with questions asked and answers given, feedback provided and (if the author chooses) adjustments made. If the author is sufficiently inspired, a tweaked version of the assessment might even be posted to keep the conversation rolling.

What We Need

If this experiment is going to work, we need (at the very least) the following:

If you see yourself as a contributor in either of those categories, then welcome! And thanks in advance for helping me (and hopefully many others) ninja-fy their assessment skills.

One More Thing

Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt if everyone who thinks this is a worthy undertaking would provide an occasional Better Assessments shout-out. (My voice only carries so far in the MTBoS.)


2 thoughts on “How To Play the Better Assessments Game

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