Another Way To Play

Create an assessment you don’t hate…

According to this, that’s Step 1 in the Better Assessments rulebook. But I wonder if we’re cutting out half of the assessment conversation by making the first step the submission of something awesome. I don’t know if I have anything I’d be comfortable sharing right now if that’s the requirement.

So how about this as a second way to play along…

Share an assessment you do hate.

Have you been giving an absolutely terrible assessment in Algebra 1 (or some other class) for years? Is it time to make something better, but you’re not quite sure how? Throw your assessment in the ring and we’ll do our best to help you make it better.

And while we’re at it…

Why not have a third point of entry, a sort of combination of the first two. If you’re already revamped a sub-par assessment and ended up with something notably better, share them both, along with some commentary on the transformation. Think of it as the math assessment equivalent of those annoying P90X before and after infomercials.

However you want to play…

Whether you have something great to share, something terrible to work on, or a before and after comparison, if you’re interested in contributing, go for it!


One thought on “Another Way To Play

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