An Overdue Beginning

I’ve been putting this off for far too long.

In late March, I wrote Tasks and Assessments and A Further Call To Arms (over on Reason and Wonder). My goal with these posts was to stir up a small community of people who would write, share, and reflect on their assessments, on an ongoing basis, and through that process learn to write better assessments (and through that, become better teachers).

Well, in April I sort of launched the project. But not really. What I did was ask for the first submissions. Submissions were submitted, but I never did anything with them. I blame end-of-the-school-year burnout. But now it’s summer (for me, at least), so I can’t use that excuse anymore. And when I’m out of excuses… it’s time to do what I said I would do.

So here goes.

As soon as I hit “Publish” on this apologetic and uninspiring post, I’ll fire up another “New Post” and lay down the rules for this getting-better-at-writing-assessments game.

As soon as that’s zapped across the Internet, I’ll kickstart yet another “New Post” and offer up our first submission/specimen.


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